VBS in the Construction Zone

[display-event id=”25″]Beginning Monday evening June 23 it’s VBS time at Beacon Hill. Each evening we will have children, youth and adults gathering to learn about Jesus, fellowship together and just enjoy the evening.

We do VBS first and foremost so people can come to Christ but also to help people learn about the great truths of the Scriptures which lead to new peace, changed lives and a new hope for the future.

The theme this week is “Construction Zone – Building God’s Church”, a picture from the book of Acts that shows how God built and continues to build the church. What a great opportunity to invest in the lives of kids and other adults. So if you are young or old put the next few evenings on your calendar and bring your Bible. We would love to have you each evening 6:15 to 8:45 Hope to see you there.

You the Man Dad!

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.”
— Billy Graham,

Father’s day is great.  The kind words, the platitudes and the cards.  But if all we do on Father’s day is soak up the attention or simmer in our regrets then we miss a real opportunity.  For me it is an opportunity to enjoy my relationships but also to seriously consider the way I interact with my children and lead in my family.

What kind of example do I set? – Where does my time go?  Am I healthy, honest, clean living and hard working?  Do I teach by example or only with the things I say?  Do we love the scriptures and God’s work or do we just talk a good game.  Kids notice more than we often see.

Do we treat our wives with honor and respect? One of the very best things we can do for our children is to love their mom.

Do we give our children time? Many Dad’s succumb to the temptation to be absent or busy much of the time. It’s hard to have an impact if you are always out of the picture so if you want to inspire your children give them time to learn from you.  This is how we earn the credibility to speak into their lives.

Do we encourage our kids without finding fault?  Sometimes it tough to strike a balance between being firm and supportive but while our young people often make mistakes they can usually see them as clearly as we can. I want to use my influence to admonish my children to make right choices but find qualities and accomplishments that will let me praise them as well. In the end kids remember love most of all.

God bless you all on this Father’s Day 2014

Pastor Doug