At the beginning of 1999 the Kuneys were not planning to become missionaries.  They had raised their five children in Oklahoma, and planned to remain there.  However, during that year they felt God calling and by the end of the year the entire family, except for one daughter, had moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

There has been great excitement in seeing the Lord change the hearts and lives of individuals who are searching for truth. It is equally thrilling to see how Christians that come on short mission trips are challenged to continue sharing Christ’s message of love and hope when they return home.

In summary, the Kuneys want to help young Honduran men and women learn a trade so that they can earn a living.  But experience has shown that is not enough.  To be fulfilled they must come to Christ and learn how to  apply Biblical truths to their lives. The Kuneys have found that in order for these new converts to be discipled, church development is essential. Gary works with the village churches to unite the pastors and help develop them to win the villages.

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Gathering Hearts for Honduras