On Mission

In our minds those words describe those leaving on a short term mission trip – heading off to lead Vacation Bible Schools, do building projects and share Jesus with others. They also bring to mind those full time “missionaries” that live in foreign countries or the inner city and minister, strategize and labor to reach people for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My question is:

Do those words describe our church? Because they should. Like other missionaries we have limited resources, challenges to overcome. We get tired. There are things we don’t like, things we do like and some we just don’t have the time to care about. One thing about missionaries – they are looking, thinking, praying about ways to reach people. It’s not about spiritual happiness or a sense of wellbeing, it’s about how God can stretch us to reach others. That’s what people on mission look like. Do those words describe you? Let’s be a church on a mission? Luke 19:10

What is the Church?

When we talk about “the church” we mean an assembly , a gathering of Christ followers.   It is worth repeating that the church is no building, no place, no temple of worship but rather the gathering of God’s people together.(2 Corinthians 3:3)

When the church gathers we are to be people of love and brotherhood.  To comfort the lonely and sin oppressed among us and to restore the fallen must be among our chief aims.  When the church gathers we are to be people of truth.  To walk faithfully, with temperance, Godliness and the energized intent to live uprightly must be the desire of our hearts. (Matthew 5:16)

When the church gathers we are to be people of Thunder.  To be light) bringers in the darkness of this world, to protect and serve the widows, the children, the weak, the fatherless, this must be the compassion that fills our souls and drives us to action.  And when the church gathers we must be people of understanding and wisdom.  To be full of humility so that the great grace of God changes the way we see and live in this life.

That Christ in our gathering would be evident and known.

This is my earnest prayer for our church.(Hebrews 10:25)

Pastor Doug